(please note: work in progress! The highlighted is where I met my goals of using my senses.)

Off a small coast in china in the sea, lived four dragons. The black dragon, the yellow dragon, the long dragon, and the pearl dragon. As they were playing over the vast country of china, they heard a child crying. It sounded like the wind howling. They swooped down to have a better look. As they drew near, they heard more people were crying about there being no rain.When they saw this they were very upset. They asked themselves: “what can we do?” so they decided  to go see the emperor because he was the one who controlled the rain.
They flew into the wonderful sky palace that looked like heaven, and asked the emperor: "Please make it rain. The villagers are suffering!" they cried. the emperor replied: "I will do it next week." So the dragons flew away back to their home in the sea. Next week came around and still there was no rain. The villagers were eating the ground! It tasted like burnt toast! So the dragons decided to share their sea water with the villagers. (The dragons filtered the water with their dragon magic.)

BUT! When the emperor found out he was furious! " Nobody steals my job!" He bellowed, and he summoned the earth god and told him to order the mountain to keep the dragons captive. So the earth god did even though he did not want to because the dragons helped him by giving him water. But nobody refuses the emperors requests! As the dragons sat in the cave they wondered what to do. The pearl dragon was feeling the walls for any escape. The walls felt rough and cold. But than the pearl dragon had an idea! “ why don't we become rivers!” the other dragons agreed on this and the black dragon became the Haihe,  the yellow dragon became the Huaihe, the long dragon became the Yangtze, and the pearl dragon became the Qiantangjiang, so that nobody should suffer from no rain again!


  1. Great story, can't wait to move onto storytelling. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I like the way you gave lots of detail.


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